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I look at them longingly, just after the fight ebbs away. 
I look at them again, after a long day.
I look at them longingly, with so much love in my eyes,
But then there’s the enemy, playing as friends in disguise.

I look at them lovingly, just after a long week
After so many days, I take just one peek.
I look at them lovingly, with the saddest smile on my face
Like a girl who ended up in the wrong time and place.

I look at them sadly, not being able to join in
Not being able to tell them what’s within.
I look at them sadly, with a small light of happiness in my eyes
And I look at them, staring, thinking of this world, a lie.

I look at them longingly, only being able to watch.
I look at them longingly; I miss them so much.
I look at them sadly, hearing their shouts in play.
I look at them lovingly, if only they could hear what I say.
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The Sinking Sun

The sun sets and sinks below the sea’s rim, 
Hissing and boiling, perhaps it cools within 
The ocean’s waters, embracing the sun as a friend, 
And at last, for us, the day finally ends.  

The sun will sink, and rise again in the morning, 
When we are all awake and done snoring.  
The birds will be singing in the morning sky 
And slowly, without us noticing, time passes by.  

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner passes with glee.  
Mother calls, “It’s time to sleep!” 
The sun has sunk into the sea once more, 
And in the moonlight, the birds’ throats are sore 
From singing all day, from dusk till dawn 
But now we must sleep, like a deer to it’s fawn.  

In the morning, we get up again, 
We hurry next door to see our friends.  
We talk of school and days long since gone 
And we write much, paper rises to a ton.  

Jokes we tell under the late afternoon sky, 
One, two times, we hear a baby cry.  
“Let’s go to the shore, to see the sunset! 
And I’ll reach the our wonderful sea first, I bet!”
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Thank You, Friend.

Head full of thoughts
Heart empty. 
Mind full of dreams;
Ones that can’t be fulfilled. 
But my feelings are still hopeful
For the end of this crisis;
And then my heart is slowly filling up
With  sense of belonging,
A sense of love from you. 
You simply take me away
From the darkness surrounding me. 
Before I shouted: Oh help, I'm drowning,
But you pulled me out of the black pool;
You wiped my tears dry. 
You comforted me throughout our friendship.
No more of sadness,
No more of loneliness.
They are forever banished from my mind.
Thoughts of you and your love surrounding me
Will stay forever in my mind forevermore. 
Thank you for protecting me;
Thank you for the times
We spent with each other. 
Birthdays, meetings-- I will treasure these forever
In this little mind of mine. 
Memories of togetherness
Will never be forgotten. 
My candle of love 
For you will never be extinguished. 
Thank you so much, dear friend
For helping me on the way
To happiness and love. 
I hope this friendship will never end,
For I love you so very much. 
Mountains we climbed,
Hard, cold ones too. 
Rough currents we waded through,
But we've crossed the bridge of hardship,
And we've finally reached our plce,
That sweet, sweet place
In the world of memory, love, everlasting friendship, and trust.