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joy gone

In a dead garden, I sit alone,
Wondering where you had gone.
My heart so lonely, cold as stone,
Falling to the ground, done.
I know that all of this will never change,
It never did.
My life is never gonna be the same,
My joys and treasures hid.

Beside a withered rose I stand
My mind wandering steadily away.
I keep thinking of your hand,
Once around mine everyday.
I feel so broken, so alone,
I can’t take any more.
Only crimson remains on the rose’s stone
Where I had been before.

My books they burn into the night
Casting dark shadows all around.
The fire burns so bright,
Scares away the feisty hound.
I had been here once before,
Thinking silence was my favorite sound.
But now, I see the sadness I have in store,
And I realized that I looked for things I had never found.

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the miserable truth.

Why did you lie to me? 
You could’ve told me the truth 
About you and her. 
So here I am, my cheeks stained with salty tears 
Just because of a simple lie. 
But this lie was the worst I had encountered.  
It was the lie of you and another. 
You should’ve told me, 
Told me about her. 
I wouldn’t have minded 
Because the truth was you wanted her 
And not me, 
Even though I loved you with all my heart
I loved you with all my soul,
And I wanted to spend my life with you. 
But the truth was you weren’t real--
Your love was fake,
You were one big mistake. 
Go away, leave me here— 
I was better off without you 
Shut your mouth, it’s filthy,
Full of lies that break hearts.