summer misery

sunlight comes in through an old window,
sparrows sing in the mango trees outside.
although it is a bright day, it’s dark for me-
with unexplainable feelings deep inside.

drawers are open, walls are bare.
summer breeze is hot, secrets float in.
i cry myself to sleep, who cares?
no one, really- they do not know.

drawings and drafts are torn to pieces,
thrown carelessly on the dirty floor.
last night there was love, laughter, and kisses,
but all of that i left behind.

the bed is messy, pillow wet with tears
it still smells of you, sweet and warm.
i have too many secrets, and still more fears
for today and tomorrow, and what is to come.


deserted roads

No one is walking in the streets anymore
No smiles can be seen on faces like before.
Deprived of cars, the road looks empty,
Gone is the hustle and bustle of the city.
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I look at them longingly, just after the fight ebbs away. 
I look at them again, after a long day.
I look at them longingly, with so much love in my eyes,
But then there’s the enemy, playing as friends in disguise.

I look at them lovingly, just after a long week
After so many days, I take just one peek.
I look at them lovingly, with the saddest smile on my face
Like a girl who ended up in the wrong time and place.

I look at them sadly, not being able to join in
Not being able to tell them what’s within.
I look at them sadly, with a small light of happiness in my eyes
And I look at them, staring, thinking of this world, a lie.

I look at them longingly, only being able to watch.
I look at them longingly; I miss them so much.
I look at them sadly, hearing their shouts in play.
I look at them lovingly, if only they could hear what I say.
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I’m scared to feel pain, yet I long for it. 
I’m scared to stand up, for fear of falling.
I’m scared to light the candle, for it won’t stay lit.
And I’m scared to answer when the voice is calling.
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dark night

Sweet little things that I think of 
Specially at night 
Makes me dream and takes my mind off 
The sadness and fright 
Of the dark. 
Night envelopes the lamp’s light 
Making it a beautiful sight. 
But as I lay here, my friend, 
I think of you.  

Morning comes, I yawn and see the birds outside, 
Living, flying so free.  
Sometimes, though, I want to hide, 
Because I am all alone, with nothing to see.  
The day passes quickly, with me, thinking of you, my friend Then the morning and afternoon cames to end, 
And I lay awake once more in bed.  
I see the dark night  
Enveloping the lamp’s light 
Making it a beautiful sight.
But as I lay here, my friend, I think of you.  
Staying here inside makes it so hard to think of 
The grass under my feet, 
Makes life hard without you to talk to all day,
Back then, when I had more to say.  
The daylight and the moonlight  
Guides me through my life, 
At least, my life stuck here.  
Dark night, 
Lamp light, 
The fright is gone 
I think of you.
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Did I live for a purpose?
What am I doing here?
Petals are falling from the rose
From their mouths a leer.
I want to tell them I didn't mean it,
That I apologized,
But they just don't see it,
And the monsters in me rise.
I want to show them I'm nice,
That I'm worthy, sweet, and honest.
But it's just me they despise,
So I feel like a bird out of it's nest.