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Family Reunion

“How much you’ve grown!” my family would say, “How tall you have become!”
Then I would say, “I do not think so, I have so much work to be done.”
“Have you improved in mathematics?” they’d inquire, ruffling my thick hair.
I’d cower in embarrassment and reply, “Yes, maybe no, perhaps I’m almost there.”
“How is you mother? Is she well?” is one of my aunts’ query.
Then I would pause to think and say, “Oh, she is fine, I am sure; she is always merry.”
Then they would catch up on what had happened lately in their lives,
While my parents talk about incidents at home, and laugh about growing chives.
Meanwhile, I sit in a corner and draw, not having much to do,
And then suddenly, my body shivers: I need to go to the loo.
After walking out the bathroom, I bump into a nearby wall,
Then my older cousin would say, “When that happens to the baby, she bawls.”
We would laugh, arm in arm, not minding grown-ups' business,
Then go out in the garden where my uncles are, lighting the grill with matches.
Then, hours later, we have to go home— its getting fairly dim,
And the sun sinks, deep orange in the low light, right below the sky’s rim.


Hello everyone! Lately, we haven’t seen our families, or have family reunions. The best thing we can do now is to remember fond memories of these family reunions, or call them. So, feeling down lately? Miss so much people aside from family? Call them up! It’ll make their day, as yours too. Stay safe, ya’ll!

By moonstruck

original poems, songs, and thoughts on my own thoughts.

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