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Fun With You

Screw all those stupid rules 
Let’s just be ourselves just for now; 
We don’t have any time to lose. 
Lets just have fun, but how? 
You start a conversation 
One full of ridiculous nonsense. 
It makes my eyes sparkle with laughter, 
Then you notice and I quickly turn away. 
The next day, all you do is stare at me. 
I wonder what this feeling’s supposed to be? 

Late nights with friends, scoldings together,
Long converstaions over the phone. 
Late the next day again, 
Fail on the test again
Eyes once more sparkle with joy 
At the sight of you. 
So much fun we had together, 
So much things we went through together, 
Those times when we were lost together 
But now our hearts are found. 
Those times when we would laugh 
Our throats would be sore the next day. 

Now I know what that feeling is 
It’s a sense of belonging, a sense of friendship-- 
Something I have never felt before, 
Something I really love. 
It’s nice to have someone to be there for you. 
It’s wonderful to just be with you.
Without that mask of who I pretended to be, 
How wonderful to have friends like you. 
Thank you, I really appreciate it 
Thank you, for being my dearest friends.

By moonstruck

original poems, songs, and thoughts on my own thoughts.

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